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Our thanks to all the folks who bought the book and gave us such great feedback over the past few years. Given how charged the topic of money is, there have been remarkably few sour responses. (Bless 'em, they just got issues.)

So we are now evaluating what to do from here:

  • reprint the book as-is (not sure)
  • break up the book into 2 or 3 easier-to-digest books or booklets (mmm, maybe)
  • produce a downloadable e-book version (for sure)
  • finally get around to creating a recorded audio version (that'd be... long)
  • shop it out to a bona fide publishing house (highly unlikely)
  • shelve it for a little while and think things through (yeah, probably)

If you have ideas, we'd love to hear from you!

In the meantime, Be well, Be blessed, Be healed.


Go deep and have fun!



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Using PayPal has proven to be a great system -- it's really easy, you just need a credit card, it's very secure and it'll do the Canadian dollar currency conversion, shipping and applicable taxes for you.

When you place your order, they'll need your email and shipping addresses as well, which we'll use to personally acknowledge your order and follow up with you.

I sign all books that we send out, so if you'd like to have your book inscribed in a particular way (i.e. gift) just leave a note to that effect in the PayPal message window when you order.

For multiple orders, please e-mail us via the "Contact" page and we'll calculate the amounts for you.

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