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If you liked the book, you'll love

Healing Your Financial Soul seminars 

You can have a radically renewed and inspired relationship with your own finances within the space of one weekend. We are offering weekend church seminars based on Healing Your Financial Soul:  and the impact has been wonderful. David has done several Friday evening / Saturday events that are fun, encouraging, interactive, healing and transforming. From the inside out.

Now, this is not some big, long preach or lecture - in a matter of seven or eight hours (depending on how your energy is holding up!) we plunge into key aspects of the book that will kick start your financial transformation. It's not a substitute for the book itself (there's just too much material in HYFS to cover in a weekend) but you'll be well on your way.

We keep it interactive, we go high, we go deep and we have a lot of laughs! 

The feedback from seminars we've done in Bath, England; Stratford, Sarnia and North Bay, Ontario; Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (now 'Catch The Fire') and Friends Langley Vineyard in BC, has been overwhelmingly positive, with some great God-stories surfacing up in the ensuing days and weeks. We're going for long-term results, but things actually start happening even during the seminar itself. Big, deep, healing changes. People leave smiling and encouraged, knowing that things have shifted in significant ways. And they always ask me back!

It's great to be teaching and watching the lights come on for people as we break out of frustrating old beliefs and launch into encouraging new ways of relating to money.

If that sounds like a good use of a few hours, contact us about booking a Healing Your Financial Soul seminar with your organization.


David Hicks at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship

David Hicks at TACF

Speaking at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, the Sunday morning

before a seminar - response was terrific!


George Esser, the senior pastor of River City Vineyard, Sarnia, recently wrote a blurb about the impact of sitting through the seminar a second time. There's a link to a PDF file of his comments on the home page.

 I also spoke at the Markham campus of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship for a Sunday service a few weeks ago. Here's what one of the pastors had to say after: "David, the feedback was amazing! Everyone loved the message and felt they had learned much! It was a great Sunday! Thanks for coming out and being a part of our growing congregation. Naomi Ierullo."

We're arranging dates now for this fall and winter. Talk to your church about hosting a weekend!


David Hicks, "Healing Your Financial Soul" seminar in North Bay, Ontario.

Teaching in North Bay, Ontario - If you liked the book, you'll love the seminar.


Readers, tell us what you think!

Readers from around the world have been sending feedback about their impressions and experiences with Healing Your Financial Soul. So I thought it would be fun to share what they're saying. These are all taken from personal emails and used with permission:

I did that exercise about creating a kinesthetic act and reprogramming my thoughts towards money, and it worked! I think that your book is ahead of its time ... and that the body of Christ will catch up in a couple of years as they get less religious. You are a forerunner in bringing things from heaven to earth, and that is how I saw your book.

   Jeanne, Redding CA

I pray that God uses your book to free many people from the false ideas that money equals evil. Money is most definitely a tool that can be used for ill or that can be worshiped (as can so many other things), but it can also be wonderfully constructive, building schools, sending missionaries, buying Bibles, feeding people, opening doors.

   C.Clampitt, Illinois

My husband and I are doing [the book] together right now and are about 1/2 way through... I love it. AWESOME BOOK!

This fall, beginning or mid-September, we will begin our group [study]. I will keep you posted.

   Leeanne H., Manchester, Maine

We attended David's seminar on `Healing Your Financial Soul' in early spring at TACF [Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship] this year and found it to be excellent.  David presented biblical principles on finances in a professional, yet easy manner. As a result, we were able to change our views and perspectives on money. David was kind enough to pray with us for our finances at the end of the seminar, which was a real blessing to us.
I also regularly read several of the prayers mentioned in David's book on finances, which we picked up at his seminar. The prayers helps me to renew my mind on a regular basis and keeps my views and perspectives on money, balanced and healthy. The prayers also provide me with the appropriate words to claim on a daily basis.
As a result, this year both of us received a double amount of tax return, compared to previous years. All glory to Jesus, who is our Provider.
   Geoff and Juliana S., Mississauga, Ontario

Yes, the [HYFS seminar] DVDs arrived and I have gone through them all fairly slowly and studiously. You'll be glad to know I've been "thwacking" consistently, and I think I'm about ready to go through the DVDs again.
David, thank-you again for the refined and exquisite nuggets of truth that you have so carefully mined in this area.
Steve T., Ontario Canada 

So, I have definitely seen HUGE changes in my finances and my attitude towards them now.

* I feel confident that I'll be able to afford things.

* I found a job that is almost EXACTLY what I prayed for in hours and wage. It's just recently that I've gotten my hours cut a bit and my first reaction was that it sucked. But then I realized it’s the swift kick in the butt I need to get my internet business up and running.
It's so cool!

* I have confidence to have my own business where before I was filled with fear.

* I also did that [exercise] thing and my perspective on money really changed. I found that old feeling of lack has disappeared. It’s super exciting.

* I also am finding that I'm meeting the right people at the right time to open doors for future opportunities.

* I found the perfect place to rent that was EXACTLY how much I wanted to pay, including all utilities, satellite and internet. It just keeps going and going.

God has really taught me to trust my finances to Him through your seminar … it blessed my life profoundly, and it just keeps working!

  In Christ, Dawn C., Surrey British Columbia

I have had people that have your book, and/or have been to the seminar that you did at TACF [Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship], and every one of them have said to me that they loved it. One person that didn't know that you and I even knew each other, said to me, "Yeah, I got this guy's book ... uhhhhh, David Hicks... his stuff was great."
I really think you are on to something great.

   Curtis Hinds, Mississauga Ontario

... btw - your book was one of 3 that made it with us to Kenya. :)

outside of my Kindle of course!  :)

   Krista W, Kenya

My wife and I have been reading the book together and it has been incredible. Life-changing in many ways. We are only partway through the book [and] still discovering all the changes in our life, but some of the obvious ones are changes in attitude and to stop being a victim to the things of life. We have a number of friends that we think would benefit from the book and they are eager to read it themselves. [We are giving away 3] books as gifts.

   David, Langley, British Columbia

Your book has been a wonderful source of faith at this time - money has shown up and the amazing thing is I hadn't been asking for it. But prior to [an] accident I was reading page 64 "-title deleted-" daily as you suggested. I am now on an unpaid compassionate leave but as a part-time employee it is unpaid, and yet God has provided for me. I feel truly blessed by the money that came to me because it is allowing me to take this unpaid leave from work.

   CM, Stratford

The seminar encouraged me to act on ideas the Lord had given me. Patenting these inventions was costly especially since I have not been working since being laid off in May 2005. The Lord did make provision for these and for my family as well. If I had not been to the seminar I might have let the Intellectual Property slip from my hands.

   BD, Toronto

I want to let you know how once again your book was helpful to me. The firm I'm working in has (in my opinion) developed a poverty spirit ...[details ommitted]... As you can probably see, it has been challenging to maintain a good attitude through all of this. 

Well, last week I picked up your book again and was reading close to the end where you
were talking about being valuable to your employer and what happens when they do not compensate you. It has really helped my attitude and has made me realize that yes, even in times like this God has the ability to skip over my employer and bless me. Because of this my days are more bearable and I'm a much happier person. Thank-you for that!

   Jill, Calgary, Alberta

The seminar encouraged me to act on ideas the Lord had given me. Patenting these inventions was costly especially since I have not been working since being laid off in May 2005. The Lord did make provision for these and for my family as well. If I had not been to the seminar I might have let the Intellectual Property slip from my hands.

  BD, Toronto 

A good friend of mine actually had signed me up and after getting a full report of the seminar from her she lent me her book. I had taken a couple of financial seminars and had put into practise the teaching on finances and have been faithfully doing that for almost 3 years now, but had been having no breakthrough.  Was getting weary of it and wanting to pack it in.

Then your teaching came along on emotions and finances and it totally spoke to me.  I had had some issues that I was beginning to recognize as seeing my finances attached to my emotions and started to read the book.

WOW!  Did I get some revelation in that area! The Holy Spirit began to unfold to me all the emotions that had been binding me in the area of finances. So I am trusting this to be another step in working toward my goal of walking in Kingdom Finances, thank you so much.

  Joyce O., Ontario

I have been having some fun with some of the exercises in your book:

  * The right hand/left hand in chapter 2.
  * My list now has 45 things on it.
  * I received money - more than expected within 2 weeks!

I recommended this seminar to my younger sister and she attended [the seminar] in Toronto - she thought it was great and bought the CD.

  Carol M., Stratford, Ontario

Thank you for for participating in our Professional Development Day. Your topic, "Heart and Soul: Restoring Your Client's Relationship with Money" was both motivating and uplifting ... Your talk provided valuable information which will be very useful to our members on a personal basis and to their clients as well. We now have a new perspective on money.

  C.Armstrong, Exec. Administrator

  Retirement Planning Association of Canada - Ontario South

Thank-you, David and Charmaine! We are [seminar reference deleted] in laughter and in pain. What helpful insights. We're reading through the whole book now. Bless you for being obedient in writing it.

   Joanna & Collin, Barrie, Ontario

   PS: I've made it to about 70 dreams. Here we go!!!

The biggest thing I learned from this book is: The thinking that not having much money is a virtue is not correct. In fact when we didn't have much money it ruled our lives and made every decision for us. The only criteria for our decision making was 'can we afford it?'

Sometimes those of us who are not well off financially judge those who are, as though they must have money as a priority, or they must love it, which is wrong. What I didn't realize is that when I didn't have much, money actually was running our lives. Which is wrong. Money should not be the main criteria we use to make decisions in our lives. It should only be one of the criteria and in its proper place.

Go to this seminar! Put money in its proper place! :) And it will be fun! :)

   Shelley, Cambridge, Ontario

One word... WOW. I'm reading a chapter a day... and LOVING IT! Now my wife is reading the book, and my mom asked me to buy her a copy too!

Love it, David! Love it!

   Rob, British Columbia

The seminar and your book have given me a more positive outlook on life in general, not only finances. I really felt encouraged and empowered. It was very impacting for Nancy for sure, as she's always had more of a poverty mentality. She has way more freedom....I've been walking in some cool blessings of late. It all started with a new job at the same place....God is good.

  Allan, Sarnia, Ontario

The book was absolutely wonderful. I actually read it for the first time this summer, and I'm re-reading it to kick off the new year. I recently went through some inner healing at my church and could really connect with the flow of the book, but this took it a step further, especially in the area of finances. Last year was a year of breakthrough for me, and this year I'm heading in a new direction. Thank-you so much for communicating the heart of God concerning finances in such a unique way.

  Jerri, North Carolina

We read [the book] together so we can encourage each other. We are enjoying it and have never laughed about finances before.

I did the exercise on giving someone the surplus of money in 7-14 days. I learned some things from that exercise. First, when I prayed asking God to show me were the money was, it came forth. Each time I’d write down the date and the amount and put it in an envelope. At the end it really wasn’t much. So it was humbling for me to explain to my receiver why I was giving her a small amount. (For her the amount would make the difference between buying milk and bread or not.) It would have been easier to just throw in more money. I also felt I was to pray with her and believe God was going to add 0’s and multiply the amount. A larger portion of money came to her the next day unexpectedly.

  Sylvia, Ancaster, Ontario 

[After the seminar,] I read the whole book word-for-word carefully on a 16 day Transatlantic voyage. It was very timely, having just retired. I'm applying many of the exercises and principles and am seeing some surprising incomes of money ... I shall continue to use your valuable book and look forward to future editions or other works. 

  Rob, Sarnia, Ontario

It's just good: thinking properly, getting rid of lies we believed for whatever reason. I need to go through some of the book again as there was so much information in it. And like I said, it really applies to everything in your life, not just money.

  Audrey, Sarnia, Ontario

Actually, I think this book is a "now" word for the church. Go for it - what you carry is so powerful!

  Owen, Redding, California

With regards to the book: Did you take a course on meddling in someones life??!! How to write a book that upsets your wife? How to write a book that must be set down on a regular basis because it so messes with your core belief system?

Okay, in the Hicks style, read this out loud:
  I introduce chaos into people's lives.
  I cause couples to argue.
  I filet crusty lies off people's hearts.
  I introduce truth that's hard to believe.
  I hand out files to prisoners so that they can become free.
  I am playing my part in transforming the financial landscape of the church.

There, does that help you to understand what your book is doing to us?

  Kim Unrau, Team Leader, New Life Fellowship, Kelowna BC

I only got half way through your book and then the blessings started to just pour out over me.
I feel like Joseph going from the prison to the castle in one day.
I went from disability to a top job on leadership for the entire city of Kristiansand this month!!
(Kristiansand is a city of 70,000 people)

  Beate, Norway

Thank-you so much for this book! It is sooo life-giving. I get excited every time I pick it up to read it and experience it. Also your sense of humour.

I bought 5 books to give away because everyone needs to hear this message! I am very excited to watch God transform my way of thinking and see it played out in finances! I grew up in an atmosphere where money was very scarce and held onto tightly. I am so glad that God is extravagantly generous to His family. I am moving into a posture of receiving.

This book is life-changing in every area of life! Thank you for sharing your inspirations!

  Marion, Sarnia, Ontario

So far as I’ve read, I’m really enjoying it – indeed it is a refreshing angle on my relationship towards money. It’s quite risky, but freeing! I got to the page where you get us to repeat: '-title deleted-' That really made me smile – and also gave me a new freedom inside.

Although Becky and I are doing mission work, we do have a pretty good bank balance and some generous supporters back home. God has always blessed my finances, yet I have always found money to be a burdensome responsibility - certainly not a light and easy yoke that Jesus promised. I’m finding your book gives me permission to take finances more lightly and enjoy its blessing, without the heaviness or guilt.

I also loved the story you told of feeling different when you [deleted] – I’ve never noticed that before, but can totally identify. The book is certainly very interactive – it doesn’t let you sit back and observe!! While reading, I often get the feeling I’m in a workshop or seminar … I can imagine that any seminars you’ve done since you wrote this would be a great experience.

Thanks for what you’ve done here. It is a big blessing.
  Jonny, Mozambique

I first browsed a bit in your book, then I started to read and work with it.
The first impression: Your style is most refreshing. Yes, this book will not be boring, I will have fun, it will challenge me and I like to be challenged. Working through the first few chapters, and having browsed some of the later chapters, I am starting to understand my own financial difficulties. I urgently needed this book to set my thinking straight.

At the same time I realized how much this negative thinking is engraved in the minds of Christians. While preaching last Sunday I only mentioned the word "money" and someone later objected, "But money corrupts." I answered (wisdom from your book), "No, it only shows what is in your heart." Something similar happened in a recent Bible study which I held.

Thank you for this amazing book,
  Peter, Germany

We would highly recommend ‘healing your financial soul’! David’s likeable manner & good humour provide a safe setting in which to engage with this innovative & accessible seminar. In a concise and interactive way he challenges misconceptions, beliefs & expectations surrounding money creating the potential to revolutionize financial situations.

  Stewart and Deborah Keiller
  Team Leaders, Bath City Church, England

We're only up around page 63 and this is fantastic! Amanda and I are going through it together and we're finding out so much about ourselves! There are a lot of people teaching and preaching about financial breakthrough and what it's supposed to be like, but I haven't seen anyone else actually talk about how to deal with the blocks.

We want you down here to teach about this!

  Nuno & Amanda, Australia

I want to say thank you very much for the seminar you held at Bath City Church last Saturday. With the prayer that also went on, my husband wasn't only healed financially but also in many other areas that God has been touching on over the past few weeks.

Brilliant! He is now starting to really dream dreams again and want to see things happen.

  Diane, England

Also, here's something that proves your Healing Your Financial Soul exercises work. I worked through a few of them last week as well as when I was stuck in the storm in TO. Yesterday morning my boss had me into her office and told me that they were discussing my performance and previous experience and decided to give me a 10% raise. This does not include an additional increase that I'm told I'm receiving in March. I don't think it's a coincidence. It's exciting when you deal with issues in your life and get tangible results.

  Jillian, Alberta

I think the book is brilliant. One of the concepts in the book the Lord told me a year ago in a dream!!!! I could not quite understand the concept in the dream but you have reinforced the concept, so now I "get it."

I am the type of guy who worries on payday and tries to figure out things (especially financial matters and things like bills) way too much. This has more than likely been holding me back in my financial dreams. I am now working on, in conjuction with your book, to enlarge my thinking and capacity and trust about money. I am learning to rest in that, and be much more at ease and confident about money.

Thanks for your book. Love it, I love the concepts in it and that my thinking patterns are being shaken up, rattled and challenged. This book is helping me immensely.

  Arie, Australia

... More feedback: After years of dabbling on eBay and selling goods for a small profit or a loss, I've just sold a couple of items at healthy profits. I have been studying and applying your book and I attribute this success directly to it. I am now learning it is okay, in fact good, to make a profit. Thanks to the book, I am getting rid of a lot of emotional and religious clutter. I am very excited, a lot more confident and sure about money now, and this can still only get better.
  Arie, Australia

I read your book, thank-you for writing it. The back cover exactly described my position regarding money. You want to have (more than) enough but at the same time feel guilty for anything that faintly smells like ‘love of money’.

I must say, reading the book and doing the exercises (not all of them), made me feel a bit ambivalent. I totally agree with the parts where you deal with misconceptions about money and several bible interpretations. I prayed through several situations of my past that imprinted wrong ideas and feelings about money and wealth. But [on a couple of issues] I hesitate ...

Having said that ... I always thought that my struggle with money came from not trusting God enough or not being surrendered enough to actually live this out. But in 2001, God surprised me by saying: “I will make you rich,” and I knew He was not talking about ‘spiritual riches’. I could not handle such a promise and began to argue with Him about being a Christian and being rich and these two being incompatible, but He insisted.
Later, in a meeting in Holland when I sensed His presence, I asked again, "Lord, why would you make me rich?" The answer I got: "To show you the abundance of my grace."

Apparently, the way I see God and understand grace has a lot to do with the way I deal with money ...
My feeling is that the 'true riches'are still to come and somehow I think that your book is helping me to cope with this promise and to heal up my financial heart to be able to receive these riches.

So, I am not ready with this book yet. I plan to start again and work through it until I feel that my heart is light and not burdened anymore when I think of money.

Blessings to you, even financial ones!
  Ton, The Netherlands

Okay. I'm not even through chapter 2 and I am finding it to be a very stretching book. It's definitely not your "name it and claim it" workbook (thank God)! This is definitely about your heart, and what's in it and what's not. I appreciate that already; there's way too much superficiality in our culture and in our churches.

  Beth, New York

We knew there would be ructions when we started to read your book! We have taken a copy each and are working our way through them in tandem. The notebooks are out, scribbled in, the exercises are taking place…

This is fun and yes our attitudes are being tweeked over and over!

  William & Charmian, Northern Ireland

[Your book] has opened a lot for me. I am only on chapter 4 but it is really blowing my mind. I really appreciate how you have written this book. The format is really enjoyable for me because I am visually oriented.
I also have appreciated your no-nonsense approach. It is as if you are talking to me like a good friend.

Thanks so much for being willing to write this book. It's already made a difference in my life and I'm telling a lot of people about my experience and encouraging them to read it too.

  Christa, Ontario

I like your "-title deleted-" poem. Read that chapter yesterday. I translated the poem [into German] and stuck it on my door.
I've never acted and thought this way before...

Go for it, you've done a great job.

  Timon, Germany

I love your book -- been reading little by little, there is so much in there! I have been reading bits of it to my women's group. It's not just about money, but so much more!

  Audrey, Sarnia, Ontario

A very refreshing read with lots of practical tasks that keep you on your toes! I am loving the book but am torn between wanting to read it all and taking time to work through the exercises, some of which I find fun and the others... mmmm, I am definitely finding I have more 'issues' with money than I ever realised.

  Caroline, England

I can hardly put the book down... it was just what I needed!
So now I smile on the phone and keep saying, "
-phrase deleted- !!" And I really enjoy the emotional state it brings to me!

For a while the Lord has [been] giving me scriptures ... about getting out of poverty, getting justice, leading the world's finances to me (without strife), etc. etc..... so I feel like "my cup runneth over with blessings" even before they appear in my reality. I do believe in a change very soon.

  Beate, Norway

Your book certainly stirred things up for me. How challenging. It’s rather annoying that you really want to change people instead of just giving a nice easy book to read! Isn’t it easier just to be religious and say nice things instead of challenging people’s beliefs? I still haven’t swallowed the whole meal, I’m still chewing on some of the tougher meat...

I haven't reached many conclusions. I do feel rather put out by the whole thing, a bit uncomfortable that I just might be so wrong about such an important issue. Your book is something that I could not digest easily, primarily because it was so challenging; challenging in its thesis, but also challenging in its method to put the thesis into practise.

On the other hand, Cheryl and I are turning a corner in our financial situation and I have to give credit to your book for some of that. So thank-you!

  Jeff, Guelph, Ontario

Hey, I am getting ready to start chapter 6 of your book. I am having blast! GREAT book! I have so many thing to say, ask & talk to you about.

  Matthew, South Carolina

This makes total sense: if you don't emotionally and "physically" agree with what you want to happen, you aren't "at peace". Now I understand why the Greek word eirene that Jesus used in John 14 means "to set at one again". My emotions were staying in the past, my mind was trying to do what the Word says, and they weren't at one at all.

This book is a real lifeline for the body of Christ, I'm telling you.

  Gwen, Ontario

Many Christians, myself included, have taken lots of financial training courses and stuff, and know the basics, like don't live in debt, and consult God about how to spend, be a good steward, etc. They might think they don't need to read a book like yours. For all those people: I would ask them to read out loud the "-title deleted-" thing on page 64 with conviction and sincerity. If nothing but peace and good, warm fuzzies and "Of course!" comes up, then maybe they don't need to read this book.

Very interesting that I know daily that I serve an incredibly generous God in my life, but somehow I have disqualified money from that statement.

  Shelley, Ontario

I have to say, the [title deleted] section was quite an experience. It took me 2 days. But I kept going... I wasn't about to give up so quickly.

That unlocked a door and I topped the assignment! It became more personal to me and I was able to remember what I dreamed about years before - dreams that were really mine. Who knew that was all locked up somewhere in me?

  Jill, Alberta